Parent FAQs
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How is your year structured?
The school year runs 9 months from September to the end of May. Intermediate and advanced/majors levels ballet, jazz, tap & modern students continue to the end of June. There are no classes Thanksgiving, Easter Friday, Family Day/teachers' convention or Victoria Day holiday weekends. A two week break during the Christmas season and a one week Spring break are scheduled.
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How big are your classes?
Classes sizes vary depending on age, level and room size. We want to ensure that each child receives proper attention.
What should my child wear to class?
Each dance class has different dress requirements for the comfort and safety of your child. 
Free House Dance Plus Dress Requirements
Is there a performance at the end of the year?
Yes! Each year Free House Dance Plus puts on a year end show celebrating the accomplishments of our dancers. It takes place at the University Theatre on the first weekend in June.
What if my child has a medical condition?
At registration you are required to advise us of any medical condition that our teachers should be made aware of. We encourage direct communication with your child's teacher if there are any important details/special procedures they need to be aware of.
Are there exams or evaluations during the year?
Evaluations are offered to children in jazz, tap, ballet and modern programs as a means to set goals and show what they have accomplished. Formal examinations are available for ballet & modern students.
Can I watch my child’s class?
Parents are invited to watch their children dance on 3 set weeks during the year: one in each of October, December and February. This information can be found in our newsletters and on our website calendar.
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What if my child misses a class?
In order for your child to get the most out of the class, it is important that they attend regularly. If your child is sick, please contact the office via telephone or email. If you are planning to be away, please advise the teacher and the office of specific dates.
What if my child is not enjoying class?
We will do our best to find a class that works better to meet the needs of the student. Should that not work out, we have a cancellation policy in place.
Do you participate in competitions?
Free House Dance Plus is a non-competitive studio. Our program focus on education, training and performance.
Where are you located?
Free House Dance Plus is located in the quiet residential community of Briar Hill , 2 blocks west of the North Hill Shopping Centre & Lions' Park LRT station.
Am I able to take photos in my child's class?
During the parent viewing dates, cameras will be permitted provided all students and their parents are in accordance. If any student or parent objects, we will ask everyone in the class to forgo photos.
Where do I buy dance attire?
Any dance supplier will have what you need for class. A list of local suppliers can be found on our website for your convenience.
Freehouse Dance Plus Dress Requirements
What if my child gets injured?
All Free House Dance Plus Faculty have current First Aid Certification. We recommend that serious or repetitive injuries are assessed and treated by a Health Care Practitioner. Communication with the office and the teacher(s) is integral. Modifications can be made in class to accommodate healing.
Why should I choose FHDP?
Free House Dance Plus has been in operation since 1987. The reputation of the school has steadily grown and the successes of the students stand as testimony to the effectiveness of its training programs. The faculty has been carefully augmented over the years to maintain high standards and offer a broad spectrum of dance styles.
The studio is located in a superior facility designed specifically for dance. There are 4 classrooms, each equipped with mirrors, Ballet barre, audio equipment and sprung dance floors.
FHDP offers dance classes in a variety of styles and levels for both Adults and Children.
What is the Performance Division?
Performance Division is a program designed for the serious dancer with a passion for performance.  In addition to regular classes, students attend a weekly "PD" class which is choreography based, and are exposed to a diverse range of styles and dance techniques. Performances include the annual Christmas and Spring productions, as well as various opportunities that present themselves in the Calgary community.
How does my child progress through levels of classes?
In general, our programs are designed such that students spend two years in each level once they are beyond Primary level. Some of the classes are age specific. Progress reports are given to each student at the end of the year with recommendations for future placement.