Aerial Fusion

Aerial Fusion

High-Flying, Gravity-Defying


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to hang like a bat from the ceiling? Or to hover gracefully above the ground using nothing but your own strength?


Aerial Fusion is a unique way to defy gravity with a blend of yoga, Pilates, and dance-inspired movements performed with aerial silk hammocks. The aerial hammock is an apparatus used to support and suspend areas of the body through the air, 2-4’ from the ground.


Aerial Fusion is designed to balance breathing, stretching, strengthening, and relaxing – all while exploring playful movements with your body. No experience required!


NOTE: If you are dropping into the class, please call us ahead at (403)282-0555 to ensure a hammock will be available.

This class is not currently offered in the Winter 2021 Session. Stay tuned for future availability and check out our sampler video below for more details!

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