Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Make friends, build your confidence, and learn new skills all while getting your blood pumping in the most creative way possible! Adults of all ages and experience levels can find their groove with our wide array of classes.

Finding the Right Level

Before registering for classes, make sure you’ve taken the time to read about how we structure our classes by experience level. This ensures that students will always be given the best experience, and never feel out-of-place or in over their heads.

Level 101

A level for absolute beginners, who have never danced before. A slow-paced class that will introduce concepts and work on repetition.

Level 1

A basic level for beginners and anyone with minimal experience in the style.

Level 2

An intermediate level for those who have a strong understanding of the basics and terminology.

Level 3

An advanced level only for experienced dancers with a strong knowledge of the techniques.

Open Level

Mixed level, which varies depending on the overall experience of the students in the class.