Sessional Classes

Sessional Classes

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Perfect for those busy young movers that prefer a shorter commitment!

Our Kids Sessional Classes run in 6-10 week sessions throughout the year. These classes are a great introduction to dance for families that are unable to participate in our full year programming. Our sessional classes do not participate in our Year End Shows, Picture Day or Evaluations.


FALL SESSIONAL CLASSES – October 14-December 9, 2023

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TinyBop™ Sessional  Ages 1.5-3

Join us for this fun, energetic and entertaining class where parents and toddlers learn and interact together.  The focus of this class is creative movement, skill development and fun for the family.

Saturdays  9:15-10:00AM


WeeBop™ Sessional  Ages 3-5

Your child will gallop, skip, spin and jump with a huge smile on their face in WeeBop™! Every class is a journey brimming with excitement, exploration, and learning. Along the way, our dancers improve co-ordination and musicality, develop new skills, gain strength and endurance, in an environment that encourages creative expression.

Saturdays  9:15-10:00AM


Flamenco Youth Sessional Ages 6-11

Is your child intense? Loud and Fiery? Harness that energy, stick a rose between their teeth and come discover Flamenco, the dance of Southern Spain, with its passion, intricate rhythms, beautiful body movement and percussive footwork that express the soul of Flamenco. Olé!

Saturdays  10:00-10:45AM


DanceMix Sessional Ages 6-11

Let’s get movin’ and groovin’! This 8 week sessional will include a variety of dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Ballet. Dancers will enjoy exploring new dance styles and letting their creativity soar every week!

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:15pm, Saturdays 10:45 – 11:30AM

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