Alessandra Enns

Hip Hop, Lyrical

Alessandra graduated with a degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of Winnipeg in 2003.  After graduation, Alessandra free-lanced as a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer and vocal coach throughout Winnipeg.  From 2003-2006, Alessandra lived in Halifax where she continued to perform and teach and also became a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.  After moving back to Winnipeg, Alessandra became the director of a non-profit performing arts school. In 2010, Alessandra moved to Calgary and became a member of Corps Bara, a local modern dance company, and free-lanced as a choreographer and music teacher throughout the city. This was when she was first introduced to the Free House family! In 2014, Alessandra graduated with her Education degree from the University of Calgary and began teaching music and dance with the Calgary Board of Education. Alessandra recently completed a masters degree in counselling psychology and works by day as a school counsellor at West Island College, and by night, gigs with her band, Two Late to the Party. Alessandra is excited to be back on the Free House team and can’t wait to get dancing!