Geneva Dolby

Tap, Combo Classes

Geneva fell immediately in love with dance from the very early age of 2. Free House Dance was her second home, training in Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Character, Pointe, and Tap. She graduated from the Alberta Ballet School’s Professional Division and is now pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University of Calgary while continuing her dance training. She successfully completed major exams in the dance world including ISTD and Cecchetti. Throughout her ballet training, Geneva has always maintained her love of Tap. She has trained with many renowned Tap educators including Tasha Lawson, Lisbeth Maidment, and Danny Nielsen, and has previously played an important role in the FHDP classroom as an assistant to, Lisa Talbot, a 23-year veteran of FHDP. Geneva’s many years of dance experience, professional training, and dedication have given her the skill to be an engaging teacher, whose aim is to share the joy and passion that dance brings to her.